On Saturday 4th Feb. 2023 at ISOHS headquarters with the presence of president of society and five management board members the society hosted a meeting with the president and a few management board members of ISQMS the Iraqi Society of Quality and Management Systems.

The two parties exchanged information about the foundation of the two societies respectively and the ways they are following to implement and achieve set objectives.

A proposition of mutual long lasting cooperation was set forth to strengthen measures of occupational health and safety followed alongside reminding of the strong convictions of the importance of quality management system to achieve a functional safe occupational society.

The meeting resulted in signing a mutual understanding agreement between the two parties.

Among ISOHS activities in the start of 2023 the publication 

of the study :

(CHEMICAL MATERIALS : The importance of the safety measures implemented in usage, storage and import) written and prepared by Eng. Anwar AbdulKareem member of ISOHS ninth management board.





On Sunday 4th Sep. 2022 the third training program titled ( IOSH Managing Safely in Arabic ) was officially started, for the benefit of IRAQI CIVIL DEFENCE staff and employees, lasting four days at IRAQI CIVIL DEFENCE Headquarters western Baghdad.

With the attendance of :

1- Chemist Dean : HASSAN IBRAHEEM – General manager Assistant for Safety and Firefighting affairs (CIVIL DEFENCE).

2- Physicist : RAFAH JAMEEL AHMED – President of Society ( ISOHS ).

3- Engineer : Dr. Mohammed A. AbdulMajeed – Vice president ( ISOHS ).

4- Physicist : SAAED HUSSIEN JASSIM – Secretary of Society ( ISOHS ).






On Wednesday 1st Dec. 2

021 Master General KADHIM SALMAN BOHAN General manager at IRAQI CIVIL DEFENCE hosted a meeting at CIVIL DEFENCE headquarters with ISOHS president engineer ABDUL MONIM ABDUL KAREEM and Secretary DR. MOHAMMED ABBAS and management board member

 physicist SAAED HUSSIEN, discussing se

tting forth cooperation mechanisms between ISOHS and IRAQI CIVIL DEFENCE with the purpose of implementing effective safety and health and prevention measures resulting in the preservation of national economy.





Agreement signing with IRAQI ENGINEERS SYNDICATE


On Monday 15th Nov. 2021 ISOHS signed an agreement with the consultation bureau of Iraqi Engineers syndicate to cooperate and coordinate subjects of Health and Occupational Safety between the two parties.

It was agreed that the society would provide the following services :

– Provide adequate Training programs in various subjects ( IOSH – Managing Safely ) included. The overall objective is to train staff and personnel and to specifically rehabilitate safety officers and safety management personnel, Occupational doctors, Paramedics and firefighters.

– Preparation of Health and Safety documentation like Emergency plans and safety plans.

– Corporate health and safety performance evaluation.

– Organize and coordinate seminars, study sessions and workshops.

– prepare material count for fire alarm systems and firefighting systems.