Training :

Training is perceived as a central activity among other ISOHS activities. Since its foundation ISOHS has conducted more than 228 training courses. The duration of the courses ranged from one day to three months. The courses are implemented in one of the following versions:

1-      Central: the course is executed in a central location and the participants are from different organizations in a predetermined period (The training programs are executed inside or outside Iraq)

2-      Vocational: training is executed in the workplace, firefighter’s rehabilitation programs are examples of such training.

3-      Sector: training is executed in agreement with a training center in charge of training for a particular sector (e.g. Electricity, Health, Municipality…).

4-      Territorial: training is executed in agreement with an institution which is active in a certain geographical territory (e.g. Kurdistan, Babylon….)

Recently ISOHS began executing some of the courses outside Iraq in cooperation with parties specialized in occupational health and safety.